Thank you so much for doing the Welcome to New Jersey assembly for the 4th graders at Stonybrook Elementary School. It was a wonderful presentation! I thought it was very informative and got all the kids involved and entertained. The kids loved it!!! It was a pleasure to have you back again to our school!

Giovanna B., KEHSA Board Member, Stonybrook Elementary, Kinnelon, NJ


I have had the pleasure of seeing Michele Van Allen present the Welcome to New Jersey show to my third graders for the past 8 years. She is a dynamic presenter who keeps the students fully involved and entertained. Her show is very lively and is full of valuable information. Michele has a very strong understanding of elementary students and uses these skills to keep them focused on her presentations. Although I will no longer have third graders, I am excited to welcome Michele to perform one of her environmental shows to my younger students. I know she will be outstanding!

Brian J. Stevens, Principal, Town Center Elementary School at Plainsboro


The Kids Going Green program is amazing! I love the way Michele incorporates ideas that the students can take home and practice for example, turning off the water while brushing teeth, turning off lights when leaving a room, recycling everything.

I love Michele's way of showing science through visual props. I believe students leave excited to decrease their carbon footprint. Thanks Michele for educating the students of Randolph!

Michele it is a pleasure to utilize your services for Clean Communities purposes! You are super at what you do! Thanks for bringing Kids Going Green to Randolph Township. Happy Summer!


Kristine Wilsusen, Health Education Consultant, Township of Randolph


Hi Michele,

Just wanted to follow up on last week's program at Dorchester School. I received some absolutely glowing feedback from several parents that said that their child could not stop talking about how much fun they had, and how much they learned during the show. They loved the format for the Welcome to NJ Assembly, and your energy made it a lot of fun. The kids that I spoke to also said that it was a great show, and they loved how you involved them in the program.

Thank you so much for bringing such a great program to our school, and for even teaching the adults a thing or two about our home state!

Lee Ann Schwartz, PFA Cultural Arts Representative, Dorchester Elementary School, Woodcliff Lake, NJ


Michele Van Allen Assemblies offers the best assembly programs for your investment - hands down.

Michele is a gifted performer and her shows will grab your interest right from the start. Not only are they exciting, but the children learn so much and will never forget the performance. She will set your head spinning with facts, and her environmental programs will make you want to "go green" by the end of the show. The four shows will easily fit your objectives for every grade and BONUS, she comes to you! I can't say enough about the quality of her programs. During my 40 years of teaching, I have experienced many assemblies. Michele Van Allen's are simply outstanding. After your first experience, you'll want Michele to return to your school time and time again!

Barbara Henderson/Retired Elementary Teacher, Hatchery Hill Elementary School, Hackettstown, NJ


Dear Michele:

I want to thank you on behalf of the students and staff for your enlightening, informative, and inspirational assembly about New Jersey. There are a number of things that I noticed that made your assembly excellent. First, you treated our students with respect as well as raising their expectations in listening to the program. Second, your information hit all grade levels. Third, you were able to move through the transitions of the map, slides, talking with the students, and quiz game where the transitions were smooth as well as informative.

Thanks again for a great assembly. I am glad that my colleagues in Stillwater were able to share their experience with us as we were searching for good assembly programs. I would recommend you to others.

Donald Gross, Superintendent, Sandyston-Walpack School District, Layton, NJ


Michele Van Allen Assemblies are great fun for the middle school age student! We recently had Michele present an assembly on the environment and the importance of recycling and reducing what we use. The students were interested and engaged. I recommend Michele Van Allen Assemblies.

Susan Goldstein, Science teacher, Thomas Jefferson Middle School, Fair Lawn, NJ


I recently had the joy of bringing Michele Van Allen's Welcome to NJ Assembly to my son's elementary school. Not only was I impressed with Michele's effective command of the student audience and her extensive knowledge of NJ past and present, but more importantly the students and faculty loved the presentation. The children remained interested and entertained throughout and walked out talking about how "awesome" it was. One teacher even commented to me that this was one of our best assemblies ever! I am looking forward to bringing Michele back to see her Blue Planet assembly. Thank you Michele!

Deborah Snow, Enrichment Assembly Co-Chair, Redwood Elementary School, West Orange, NJ


The second grade teachers I work with asked me to talk a little about the vocabulary word, 'Footprint' with regard to the environment. Naturally I felt honored! But the wonderful thing is that most of the kids knew exactly what a carbon footprint meant and as the teacher talked about how she needs to give up her plastic bottle for a 'Sigg' or another kind of reusable, another student and I held our Sigg bottles up. The kids started giving all sorts of suggestions. I told them that I was so impressed and proud. Mrs. Valente reminded everyone about the wonderful environmental lady who came last year and that the kids really listened. I smiled and said..'YES'...Michele Van Allen!!!!. 'We are friends Now!'...I said..like you were a rock star..because you are!!! My husband and I finally started composting.... very roughly! We have an area in back where we dump all the leaves and branches etc. and so I found a perfect area for the mix there. Thank you for teaching the children of Frankford School about being Green!

Mary Thompson, Teachers Aide, Frankford Township School, NJ


'Michele Van Allen Assemblies are dynamic, highly engaging, and authentic. Michele is an educator whose passion for teaching children transcends the walls of any traditional classroom and provides an experience that students will simply not forget. Months after the Welcome to NJ Assembly ended, students were still talking about it. Our school has been extremely blessed to host Michele's program throughout the years, and we are looking forward to future collaborations. Thank you Michele for your programs! They truly are impactful and benefit all learners!'

Dan Cullen, Assistant Principal, Stillwater Township School.


For several years now, Michele has been coming to the Woodbury Elementary Schools providing our 5th grade students a fabulous education with her Kids Going Green program and the 3 R's. The City of Woodbury is proud to support the funding of the Assembly through our Clean Communities Grant. Michele has an engaging personality that holds the students' attention and keeps them involved, making it a fun experience as well as an educational one. Michele brings her personal experience and passion to the program, conveying such an important message to the students at an early age. I highly recommend Michele Van Allen Assemblies!

Bob Law, CFO/Deputy Administrator, City of Woodbury, NJ (Gloucester County)


Michele Van Allen Assemblies provided our Elementary schools with fantastic educational and fun shows that taught the children about saving our oceans. Michele is a gifted presenter, capturing the attention of children of all ages with her interesting props and great sense of humor. Kids were "oohing and aahhing" and laughing out loud. Our school system was delighted with the messages and lessons taught to our children in conjunction with Earth Day. Thank you Michele!

Maryann Post, Montgomery Elementary Schools PTA/Green Committee, Skillman, NJ


The Blue Planet program is both educational and entertaining. The environmental message is very powerful for all students from Kindergarten to 8th grade. I would recommend this program for all elementary grades.

Lori Clinton, PTA Representative, Riverdale Public School, Riverdale, NJ


"Michele's presentation style is dynamic and highly energized. Her rapport with audiences is sensational and she always keeps students engaged throughout the length of the performance. For years our students have enjoyed the 'Welcome to New Jersey' program and more recently a program that focuses attention on environmental awareness. Information is presented in an accurate, detailed manner so that students learn while being entertained. This is one presenter who truly delivers."

Philip Schmidt-Principal - Rolling Hills Primary School, Vernon, NJ


"Want to bring the studies you have completed about the State of New Jersey to life? Have Michele Van Allen visit your school to present an assembly program focusing on the history, geography, and details about this great state. Ms. Van Allen comes to your school with a self contained presentation using her own projectors, scenery, and games. She is most professional, tailors her program to the children in your school and presents a vibrant and enjoyable program. I have actually been privileged to observe each entire program for eleven years and always find Michele's presentation to be most rewarding for our students."

Barnet Ostrowsky, Principal, Villano Elementary School, Emerson, NJ


"On behalf of the students and staff of Stonybrook School, I would like to extend our sincere appreciation, both for the time you spent educating us during the 'Kids Going Green' assembly, and for the generous donation of True Green Kids to our school library. Your passion and commitment to your work is clearly evident, and it shone in your presentation to our students. Again, we thank you for spending your time with us, and leaving a lasting and important impression."

Mark P. Mongon, Principal, Stony Brook School, NJ


"Want your students to receive firsthand knowledge about the great state of New Jersey in a fun yet very informative way? Then book 'Welcome to NJ' today! I taught in public schools in NJ for over 33 years and when I started searching for a program pertaining to the curriculum about our state, I discovered this terrific program. It can be used as a beginning point in your studies or a great review to culminate your studies of New Jersey. The kids just love this presentation. The time goes by so quickly that you don't want it to end and wish that Michele could tell you even more! She is an excellent presenter as well as an educator - captivating the students! I recently retired from teaching, but in realizing how important this assembly was to 4th grade students, I decided to fund this program annually. I feel the value of this presentation is essential and I did not want any students from my former school district to miss out on learning just how beautiful and diverse the state of New Jersey truly is!!!"

Dana Ziegler, former 4th grade teacher, Vernon NJ


"Dear Michele-

Thank you so much for your donation of National Geographic's True Green Kids. It is a welcome addition to our environmental collection in our Library here at Chester M. Stephens Elementary.

What a wonderful way to help remind students that Earth Day is every day.

Thank you again for your presentation and your gift to our Library.


Barbara Klinck, Librarian, CMS School, Budd Lake, NJ



I can't begin to tell you how impressed we were with you and your presentation!!! Your passion about our planet, the environment, being green, saving the ocean...etc... etc... etc... is so evident in your amazing and creative delivery of information!

We are so very fortunate to have had you as our last assembly of the year!!

Thank you again and I am sure we will see you next year.

Best Regards,"

Colleen Collins, Systems Administrator, Pingry School, Short Hills, NJ


"Michele Van Allen has presented her informative and fun assemblies at our school for many years. Her fast paced delivery keeps the students involved and focused as she shares stories, facts and details that support and encourage learning. I feel confident in recommending her assemblies to our PTA because I know that her product is top-notch!"

Thea Spina, Principal, Mountview Road School, Hanover Township, New Jersey


Michele Van Allen is a consummate professional whose passion for the environment motivates the students to do their part! The 'Kids Going Green' assembly gives students and teachers firsthand knowledge on how the little things they do can help the Earth. The interactive nature of her 'Welcome to New Jersey' assembly keeps students engaged and excited about learning the required N.J. 4th grade Social Studies curriculum. Children are overheard talking about the N.J. game show at lunch; her programs are remembered long after, and teachers request her year after year."

Joann Darmo, Elementary Enrichment Teacher, Woodbury Public Schools



Thank you for taking the time to come all this way to entertain our two schools with your fabulous assembly! Feedback was instant and very positive. I have two sons, one in fourth grade at the Intermediate School and one in first grade at District-Topton. Both came home from school excited to discuss it! We will certainly keep you in mind when planning future assemblies.

PS - It was very thoughtful of you to provide the book, True Green Kids, 100 Things You Can Do To Help Save The Planet, to the libraries. Thank you for getting the kids excited about our planet! :)


Shannon Pape, Assembly Chairperson, PTC, District-Topton/Intermediate Schools