Pennsylvania Welcomes You

Ranking in size as the 17th largest state, Pennsylvania is also rich in history and scientific information


  • Pennsylvania is surrounded by five states and two natural boundaries?
  • Nearly 4,500 rivers and streams criss-cross Pennsylvania?
  • Forests cover 53% of the state?
  • PA had the first oil well drilled in the world?
  • The Declaration of Independence was signed Philadelphia?
  • Pennsylvania was home to many groups of Indians including the Lenni-Lenape (Delaware) Indians?
  • The inventor of the bifocals and the Franklin Stove lived in Pennsylvania and became one of its most important citizens?
  • There are 67 counties in PA?

These facts and much more will be presented in

Pennsylvania Welcomes You!


Michele begins this program by asking students to identify where they live. Starting with your town and county, boys and girls will realize they belong to a community which is just a small part of what Pennsylvania is all about. Children will learn the boundaries, both man-made and natural, including the states that surround Pennsylvania.


Mega Map is a four by six foot magnetic map of Pennsylvania. This large colorful map is used to help children visualize exactly where specific events and discoveries have taken place in your state. Pennsylvania's diversity will unfold before your children's eyes. A carefully orchestrated show and tell session with lots of audience participation will take place. Many props and colorful magnets will be utilized to highlight events about Pennsylvania.


"The Original People"

For children, probably one of the most fascinating and interesting parts of Pennsylvania history is about the Lenni-Lenape (Delaware) Indians. It's hard to believe that almost 500 years ago explorers met the first people of Pennsylvania. Michele will bring this time period to life using replicas of artifacts typically found during this time period while projecting a scene of a Lenape Village on a 20 foot screen taking the children through the day in the life of the Lenape.


In a well organized atmosphere, Michele will become the host of a lively game show. Contestants from your audience will compete for the highest score answering questions about Pennsylvania. The questions are designed for all grade levels to feel a sense of success. Everyone will come away a winner having gained more knowledge about their state.


Children will take a beautifully choreographed tour through a slide presentation of each region of Pennsylvania. Michele will highlight many interesting spots like the coal mines of Scranton, Lancaster's Amish Country, the Allegheny Forests, the Battlefields of Gettysburg and the wonderful natural beauty Pennsylvania has to offer. Students will get a glimpse at how truly diverse the great state of Pennsylvania really is!

NOTE: To all fourth grade teachers and program coordinators,
PENNSYLVANIA WELCOMES YOU has been created with the fourth grade curriculum in mind. Michele is keenly aware of the content covered and interests of fourth graders. Make no mistake, however, this program will entertain, inform, and involve all grade levels from K-8.