Welcome to New Jersey

The land between the Hudson and Delaware Rivers is small in size, yet incredibly large in historic and scientific information.


  • New Jersey is surrounded by 3 natural boundaries?
  • New Jersey is the 5th smallest state, yet ranks 9th in population?
  • The 1st dinosaur bones discovered in North America were found in Haddonfield?
  • The shores along the Delaware Bay are the largest spawning grounds in the world for the prehistoric horseshoe crab?
  • 18,000 years ago one third of New Jersey was covered by glacial ice?
  • New Jersey was home to the Lenni-Lenape Indians for thousands of years?
  • New Jersey was the crossroads to the Revolutionary War?
  • One quarter of New Jersey is known as the Pine Barrens?
  • The first "official" baseball game was played in Hoboken?
  • New Jersey is home to the inventor of both the light bulb and the phonograph?

These facts and much more will be presented in

Welcome to New Jersey!


Michele begins this program by asking students where they live. Starting with your town, county, and state, boys and girls will realize they belong to a community which originates with their town and grows larger and larger. Children will learn that boundaries, either man made or natural, separate our state in a unique way.


Mega Map is an 8 foot magnetic map of New Jersey. This large colorful map is used to help children visualize exactly where specific events and discoveries have taken place in our state. New Jersey history will unfold before your children's eyes. A carefully orchestrated show and tell session with lots of audience participation will take place. Along with actual horseshoe crabs, Michele will use colorful magnets to inform and involve your students about New Jersey's natural history and historical events.


"The Original People"

For children, probably one of the most fascinating and interesting parts of New Jersey history is about the Lenni-Lenape Indians. It's hard to believe that almost 500 years ago explorers met the first people of New Jersey. Michele will bring this time period to life, creating a Lenni-Lenape village on stage, using replicas of artifacts typically found in an Indian village. Children will join Michele as she sets the scene for a day in the life of a Lenape family.


In a well organized atmosphere, Michele will become the host of a lively game show. Contestants from your audience will compete for the highest score answering questions about New Jersey. The questions will be designed for all grade levels to feel a sense of success. Everyone will come away a winner having gained more knowledge about our state.


In a beautifully choreographed slide presentation using two slide projectors and a 25 x 12 foot screen, Michele will take your students on a tour of New Jersey. Children will climb High Point Monument, as well as Cape May Lighthouse, tour the Great Swamp, Pine Barrens, and travel into the fascinating zinc mines of Ogdensburg. Children will truly get a first hand glimpse of how diverse New Jersey's history, natural resources, and people are!

NOTE: To all fourth grade teachers and program coordinators,
WELCOME TO NEW JERSEY has been created with the fourth grade curriculum in mind. Michele is keenly aware of content covered and interests of fourth graders. Make no mistake, however, this program will entertain, inform, and involve all grade levels from K-8.