Student's awareness of conservation, natural resources, recycling and pollution has increased dramatically. However, terms like carbon footprint, global warming and climate change are relatively new. This program will inform children about what these terms mean and give them a clearer understanding about what they can do around their home, school and community to help make planet Earth a safer place to live and grow.


Everything we do uses energy. Raising your hand in class, walking up the stairs, playing a sport, even moving your eyes from left to right to read uses energy. Our bodies get this energy from the food we eat. It is a perfect system. But what about the energy we use to heat our homes, power our cars, and make all the stuff we use every day? Ever wonder what dinosaurs and ancient palm trees have to do with global warming and energy consumption? Children will learn that the fossil we use today ~ coal, oil & natural gas ~ all come from plants and animals that died and were compressed millions of years ago. All of these plants and animals were made up of carbon. When we burn these fossil fuels to create energy, the waste product is carbon dioxide in the form of greenhouse gases. Where is this carbon dioxide going? Unfortunately into our air! Through an unforgettable demonstration on stage, girls and boys see how the greenhouse gases accumulate in the atmosphere creating a giant blanket around our planet. As with any blanket, it traps in heat resulting in temperatures rising and is being linked to climate change.


Michele introduces The 3 R's and will demonstrate a number of ways children can do their part to make a difference: using reusable water bottles and tote bags, paper and pencils made from recycled material, how their sneakers can be recycled, even how to pack their lunch to reduce the amount of waste they create every day. Comparing a lunch packed in a "Green" way vs. one that creates a lot of garbage gives the children a sense of how much they really do throw away ~ just at lunch time! Thirty-three million children are buying or bringing their lunch every day in this country can you imagine how big that pile of trash would be? Small things really do add up to big change!


Michele adds some levity to the show with her fast-paced puppet show where Goldilocks is searching for a planet to live on that is not too hot, not too cold, ONE THAT IS JUST RIGHT! Students from your school help out behind the scenes to present this fun and informative skit that will have your children laughing and learning at the same time! Most of the props used in the show are "reused" items and toys that belonged to her children when they were young!


How does one become an Earth hero? Simple!!! Learn about conserving energy and following the rules of the 3 R's. In an eye opening slide presentation students will compare side-by-side on a 20x12 foot screen what is being done today using the older forms of energy compared to the newer forms of energy which do not create carbon. Recycling and conservation also saves energy. One of the many examples given is that running the water when you brush your teeth for only one minute sends 35 wasted glasses of water down the drain! Children will learn that water, our most precious resource, needs to be conserved, protected, and cleaned up to help maintain the balance of nature. Solar and wind power are discussed as well. Michele will encourage your students to get excited and help them learn ways that they too, can become an Earth Hero!

This program may be 100% funded by the Clean Communities Program of New Jersey.