Clean Communities Funding

Clean Communities Funding
in New Jersey

The Clean Communities Program of New Jersey is a program designed to keep our communities clean. Simply put, it is an anti-litter program.

How does it work?

Each town applies for funding from the state. Almost every town in New Jersey has applied and received funding. If your town has received grant money, part of the grant stipulation is that your town supply some kind of approved educational material. THE BLUE PLANET and KIDS GOING GREEN both meet the educational requirements!

How to Receive
Clean Communities Funding

1. Call your township or boro clerk. Ask who the Clean Communities Coordinator (CCC) is in your town.

2. Ask your CCC if they have clean communities grant money available to fund educational environmental programs. Let your CCC know the cost of the program. We suggest you ask for 100% funding and if that is not possible, ask for at least 50%. Emphasize that part of the grant stipulation is that the town provide some kind of educational material. We can think of no better way of using these funds then to educate our children about the problems litter and pollution causes.

3. Helpful Hint: Let your CCC know that you will try to get the newspaper to cover the show giving the town credit for funding the program. Perhaps you can try to announce in the school bulletin that the school received the funding from the town. Invite the coordinator to see the program as well. Michele always mentions this information at the assembly so teachers and children are aware of the town sponsorship. Very often the town and CCC are not recognized for their contribution. Let the CCC know how much you appreciate their efforts; a kind word goes a long way!

4. We will do everything we can to assist you in getting the funding for your school, and if you are interested, get started with the call to your CCC!

Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to working with your students!